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Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Cryptocurrency is the new king of the financial market. Many people are invested in one form or another of cryptocurrency, and the number of investors increases every day. This increase in the number of investors is also accompanied by a rise in the number of cryptocurrencies available, meaning new forms of crypto are coming to light.

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies, and keeping track of them can prove to be quite a task . However, a platform that helps investors get a good grip of the crypto network is is an online crypto platform created to aid investors in making the most of their crypto activities. is concentrated on providing the best form of service and satisfying investors that have taken the initiative to align with it and grow their crypto portfolios under the platform. has several features ranging from our unique ideals to our unparalleled performance as a cryptocurrency network. Several features are also designed to give you the best experience and tools to keep you up-to-date on your crypto activities.

Why is Different is not the first cryptocurrency network to be created, and it won’t be the last. However, is built on a solid principle that drives its activities and keeps pushing the network to do its best without relenting. was launched in 2016 to advance and integrate cryptocurrencies as a certified means of payment in real life. aims to achieve this with crypto tokens. While cryptocurrency is already well-known and used worldwide, crypto tokens have yet to receive this type of recognition.

However, integrating crypto tokens into our society is the best way to incorporate cryptocurrency into everyday life fully. Hence, the goal of was born, and the company continues to l work to achieve this goal.

Getting Acquainted with is designed with many features, and improvements are continuously being made on the network. Several tools and components are integrated to aid your crypto activities and improve the use of crypto tokens. Let’s take a look at some of these essential features. Coin: CRONOS (CRO)

Cronos (CRO) is a crypto token that represents both the and the Cronos Chains - both companies under the umbrella. This token is one of the fundamental digital currencies that has been made available to investors for buying and selling, and it can be used to represent cryptographic currencies.

CRO is one of the main selling points of, and it has a market value of USD 2.97 billion

Cronos ranks #23 on the CoinMarketCap. It has a recorded live market cap of $3,640,484,029 and a circulating supply of 25.26 billion coins.

Monaco (MCO)

This was another cryptographic token for blockchain payments. However, no longer uses this form of a crypto token; more accurately, Monaco was rebranded and Crypto.Com has now phased out MCO.’s Blockchains

These are an essential component of’s operation. The blockchain refers to the distributed ledger containing records of transactions in a decentralized structure for safety and reduced risk.

There are 2 blockchains under the umbrella, and Cronos blockchain (under the subsidiary company, CRO protocal Labs). Both blockchains utilise the same cronos token. has gone the extra mile to improve the native blockchain typically used by other cryptographic networks and has made it into one that can be used in more practical real-life applications.

The blockchains were developed such that transactions between vendors and crypto users can be easily facilitated.

They use three network nodes to achieve this effect- the Council nodes, the Settlement Agent nodes, and the Acquirer Nodes.

The Council node is tasked with monitoring transactions. The Settlement Agent Nodes are designed to regulate prices and give out payments in fiat currency to the merchants. The Acquirer Nodes are responsible for finalizing exchanges between buyers and sellers.

The Acquirer Node is not rigid, and buyers and sellers can replace it; this can be achieved if the merchants and customers become Community Nodes.’s network is designed to be simple, and both sellers and buyers can easily make and receive payments.

More improvements and upgrades are being made to the user interface all the time. They will make it a user-friendly network that eliminates the ambiguity common to other cryptographic networks. subsidiary companies
The network of companies

The App

One fantastic feature that has been made available for users is the app. A vital component that is particular about is convenience for its users. is not only about advocating the use of cryptographic tokens in everyday life, but they are also careful about their users’ comfort, which is why the app was created.

The app is designed to give you the whole experience that has to offer from the comfort of your mobile device. The app is also available for both your Android and Apple devices, and you can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple store.

With the app, you can conveniently enjoy services like buying and selling your cryptocurrencies, Crypto earn, Crypto Credit, and Pay.

Over a hundred forms of cryptocurrency have been made available to you on the app, including the popular Bitcoin. These cryptographic currencies are all available at their actual cost when using 20+ fiat currencies.

Also, the app makes it possible for you to earn on your cryptocurrencies; you can earn up to 12.5.% p.a. on your crypto, and you can earn up to 14% per annum on stable coins.

You also have access to the Crypto Credit feature when using the app, and can get an advance of up to 50% cryptocurrency collateral.

Another feature you can enjoy with the app is the Pay. This essential service allows you to pay for transactions with your crypto and earn a reward for it. From the comfort of your device, you can conveniently pay merchants, buy rare collectibles, buy gift cards, recharge your mobile airtime, share crypto with your friends and family, and even earn a percentage on coin that you spend.

In summary, the app was built to make the service and tools available on easily accessible and easier to monitor. It also makes it safer for users to use without the risk of exposure.

The app’s interface is designed to make it as simple as possible. It is a user-friendly app with many benefits, and upgrades are constantly made to better improve its functionality.

The Cards

Crypto. Com has come up with a new and exciting way to make things easier for users to make transactions using their crypto the metal Visa card. It can be seen from the introduction of these metal Visa cards that is focused on achieving its goal of making crypto a standard and recognized form of payment.

The metal Visa cards are not virtual or digital, they are actual physical cards like your debit card, and you can use them to make transactions from your crypto wallet.

These cards are different from your debit card in the sense that your debit cards operate with your bank account. However, your Visa card needs to be topped up.

There are different types of these cards, and they vary based on the amount of CRO stake you have in your wallet. Also, each card has its CRO reward and card benefits.

There are fivecards available:

The first is the Obsidian card, and it is available for users with a CRO stake of $400,000. These cardholders enjoy a CRO reward of 8%, and they enjoy card benefits for Spotify, NetFlix, Prime, Expedia, Airbnb, Lounge Key, and Private. Also, they can earn bonus rewards, exclusive merchandise welcome packs, and private jet partnerships. The card has a limit of $1000 ATM withdrawal per month.

The second card is the Frosted Rose & Icy White. It is available to users with a CRO stake of $40,000. Users can enjoy a CRO reward of up to 5%, and they have the same card benefits with the Obsidian cardholders except for Airbnb and the private jet partnership. This card also has a limit of $1000 per month.

Next is the Royal Indigo & Jade Green card. This card is for users with a CRO stake of up to $4000, and the holders enjoy a CRO reward of 3%. This card also has benefits such as Spotify, Netflix, and Airport Lounge access. Also, the card has a free withdrawal limit of $800 per month.

Next up is the Ruby Steel card. This card is for users with a CRO stake of $400, and the holders enjoy 2% CRO rewards. The card benefits include; Spotify. The card has a withdrawal limit of $400 per month.

Finally, the last card is the Midnight Blue card, and it doesn’t require any CRO stake. Holders enjoy CRO rewards of 1%. However, the card doesn’t come with any of the benefits of other cards, and it has a limit of $200 free ATM withdrawal per month. This card encourages users to get a crypto card irrespective of how much CRO they have. It is a way of promoting their goals and encouraging the use of crypto tokens in real life.

It is important to note that the Visa card is not for just anybody. You need to have a verified App account, and have CRO tokens in your wallet. You can then apply for your card depending on the amount of CRO you have in your crypto wallet.

Crypto Exchange

The Exchange is designed to aid users in trading and making proper decisions. The Exchange includes; the Exchange Home, Margin Trading, Derivatives trading, The Syndicate, Supercharger, and Trading Arena.

The Exchange opens up opportunities for users to increase profit on trades and participate in trading events. It is also designed to increase the fun of the trading platform and encourage users to participate more in the exchange market.

The Exchange also monitors the crypto market and reduces risks and possible losses. You can learn a lot about the Exchange interface, and you can see more about it here. Pay Pay is a simplified system that allows merchants and customers to benefit simultaneously.

With Pay, it is now straightforward for merchants to receive payment using crypto. This is another way that is planning to shape the future and achieve its vision. Pay contains a dashboard that allows you to sign up or log in specifically as a merchant, and you can monitor all crypto payments to your account. This system makes it easy for you as a merchant to receive compensation, and you can send invoices. In addition, , this system saves you from outrageous fees, and you can save up to 80% of the costs of dealing in fiat currencies.

Apart from merchants’ accounts, customers can also make payments with Pay. This system allows you to pay with a wide range of tokens that are not limited to CRO. There are over 30 tokens that are recognized, including the popular ones such as ETH, BTC, DOT, and DOGE.

You can also gift any of your desired cryptocurrencies to your friends and family without any charge. You will also enjoy up to 10% back in CRO.

This interface is also designed to be easy to use, and the programmers have done an excellent job of using as few code lines as possible to achieve a well-functioning system.


The Defi Wallet is another feature created by to assist users in managing their cryptocurrency. This wallet is non-custodial, meaning that only you have control over the wallet. No third party is handling the wallet for you. With this Defi Wallet, you will have access to all the Defi services that offers.

Some of these services include storage of your cryptos and key. You can store over one hundred coins in your wallet, and you will have total control over your keys. All activity in e the wallet is up to you, and nothing happens without your permission. You can also import other existing wallets using a recovery phrase.

You can send out crypto with any confirmation speed and network fee of your choice. Defi wallet also allows you to earn interest on over thirty-five tokens affiliated with Aave, Compound, Yearn Earn V2, Chain Staking, and Cosmos Staking.

Using your Defi Wallet, you can swap tokens at reduced charges.

The Defi wallet is available on the web, or you can also download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

The Defi wallet is created to be secure, and you can rest assured when using it.

NFTs is now offering non-fungible tokens that users can purchase and trade. Some of the best-selling creators include Aston Martin Cognizant F1, Snoop Dogg, BossLogic, Lega Series A, Mr. Brainwash, Boy George, K Camp, and more. These NFTs are among the hottest on the market are available to you on and its subsidiaries are growing rapidly, and the company is regularly adding to and improving its network of offerings. We at dWeb Guide think CRO is one of the key platforms of the future of finance and decentralisation.

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