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Stake your CRO with dWeb Guide and start earning interest - Desktop

Updated: Jan 31

Our How To Guide for the DESKTOP WALLET

Choosing a validator for CRO

dWeb Guide now provides a VALIDATOR NODE for chain (CRO).

You can earn passive income from your crypto and support dWeb Guide at the same time by delegating your CRO to our Validator Node.


Which validator to choose for CRO


For Mobile version click Here.

1. Get an account with

You don't need this for staking, but it is a really great app for buying and holding crypto, and you can get a nifty crypto debit card that can be used anywhere. You can use our referral link to get rewards when you start using either the app or the exchange. CRO: SM3DSQ52A5.

There is more information about the platform at the bottom of this guide. Note that only has a mobile version; no desktop version. BUT WAIT! (.ORG not .COM) does have a desktop version. is the centralized company. is the decentralized community that was setup by

2. Get the Chain Desktop Wallet

Download the Desktop Wallet from here.

Choose your platform (MacOS, Windows or Linux) and click on download. You will need to then add the platform to your desktop applications as usual.

Get the desktop wallet

3. Set-up your wallet

When you open the application for the first time, you will be taken through the steps to create a wallet. You will be asked to create a password then you will need to add your wallet's name (chosen by you) and click on CREATE WALLET. The network will just be MAINNET.

Setup Wallet for

The next screen will show the recovery phrase for your wallet. This is vitally important: write down this phrase immediately and save it somewhere safe. If you lose this phrase you will not be able to get back your funds if your desktop/laptop is lost, stolen or broken.

When you are in the wallet, you can find this phrase again in Settings, under the tab General Configuration.

Choose a validator for CRO

4. Get Funded

Add funds to your CRO Desktop Wallet. You can do this from your app or from any other platform that offers CRO.

In your app, choose External Wallet then input the CRO address.

To get your CRO Desktop Wallet address, click on RECEIVE in the desktop wallet and you will see your CRO address which you can copy, along with a QR code.

On the main page of the desktop wallet you will be able to see your new balance, usually after a few minutes.

5. Start the staking process

Now click on STAKING and then on the tab DELEGATE FUNDS.

In the Validator Address field add this address:


You can also find us (currently) on page 7 of the Validator List. This list changes often depending on how many people are delegating how much funds to which validator, so look for dWeb Guide.

Now type in the amount you wish to delegate (your available funds will be shown underneath this field).

Staking CRO in the desktop wallet

6. Confirm

After you've clicked on REVIEW you will need to add your wallet password (not the phrase).

In the confirm transaction box, make sure the Delegating to Validator field has the correct address:


Click on CONFIRM STAKE and you're done! In future, the STAKING screen will show you your earnings to date.

You can leave your funds in there as long as you want (HODL!!) or you can remove your earnings to claim back or re-stake by clicking on WITHDRAW REWARD on the Staking Page.

Note that your funds stay in your own wallet and are only delegated with us. You can remove those crypto at any time and send to a different wallet as normal. This will automatically remove the delegation and you will no longer earn rewards.

To remove your funds, click on UNDELEGATE STAKE on the Home screen under the Delegations tab. You will then be able send funds back to your or other account.

7. Be careful of scams

In the crypto world there are plenty of scammers. There is nothing to stop a scammer using a name similar to ours and offering staking with a much higher commission. If more than one DWEB GUIDE comes up in the list of validators, please:

  1. Let us know through our social media or the contact page on our website

  2. Make sure you check the validator operator address. Ours will be:


Another scam is for validators to offer a low commission then increase it without notification. This means your rewards will be much less. dWeb Guide guarantees our commissions will not go up by more than 1% and we will provide three months' notice of commission increases. Don't forget to check our website for updates, and you can subscribe to get email updates.

Thank you for helping us to support the dWeb.

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