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Top 7 dApps that will help you grow and improve your business

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Ever since the creation of Ethereum (ETH), the crypto world started focusing more and more attention on blockchain technology. Over time, its limitless potential was discovered, and soon after that, developers started creating dApps.

But, what are dApps, exactly? How can they improve your business? And above all, why should you care?

What you need to know about dApps

Let's start from the beginning and talk about what dApps are. dApps, or decentralized applications, are just that — applications that are not owned or managed by a centralized entity, but rather a decentralized community.

Basically, they are applications created on blockchain technology. As for why you should care about them, the reason for that is that they are open-source, decentralized, and they have a built-in consensus mechanism, which increases the security of data.

Like blockchain, data in dApps is much safer than traditional apps, as we know them. Anything stored in them is immutable, and they are extremely difficult to hack. Best of all, you know that there are no greedy firms behind them, logging your information and selling it for profit.

Over the years, skilled developers created dApps for pretty much anything: from games to business, finance, exchanges, lending services, wallets, and more. In other words, there are quite a few of them that can be very useful for businesses.

Some are specific to certain types of businesses, while others have more universal appeal. We are going to look at and assess seven of them. In the end, it will be up to you to decide whether or not you wish to use them, but know that the world is rapidly moving towards everything being run on the blockchain. Joining it now would give you an advantage over the competition, and you would get to enjoy numerous benefits that are not available to those using more traditional tools.

Top 7 dApps for businesses

1) HireMatch

HireMatch is a very straightforward and easy-to-use dApp that aims to connect business owners with business seekers. Basically, if you need to employ a few people, and you wish to do it by using a decentralized tool — this is the tool you need.

HireMatch can eliminate friction, as well as costs that third-party intermediaries — such as professional (and expensive) recruiters — tend to charge for their services. You can find talent with ease and help your business grow.

2) dArray

Accounting is a part of any business, as you need to keep track of about a hundred different costs, even if you are just a small, local firm. Using apps to calculate such things is nothing new, of course. However, using dApps can offer even bigger advantages.

dArray can help you by providing private and secure accounting for your business, and it is particularly useful for freelancers, makers, and SME. You can use it for managing invoices, expenses, and even files and customers. Meanwhile, you will know that your data is safe and that you have it all in one spot.

3) Mattereum

Next up, we have Mattereum. This is a dApp that offers tools to help people find physical goods and facilitate the flow of these goods.

Basically, you can use this dApp to sell, buy, organize, and communicate with ease and confidence. This is a great way for businesses to find the best merchandise for their needs, whether that includes raw materials, special equipment, or something completely different.

You can also use this tool to offer your own goods for sale.

4) LegalThings One

'Legal' is a very important term for businesses. Doing things in a legal way and getting the most out of any deal is every business' goal. However, this can often be difficult to achieve, as the law is complex and can be difficult for the average person to understand.

There are, of course, AI-based services or tools that can help you break down these agreements, but the problem is that such tools often have very basic AI which does a poor job. Some parts are even left to human interpretation, and we all know how that tends to go.

With LegalThings One, you get clear, understandable deals which can be easily understood by humans and people alike.

5) Blocklancer

In an era where freelancing is truly becoming mainstream, there is a great need for a decentralized platform to help business owners to find workers, and job-seekers to find good opportunities.

Blocklancer is a fully self-regulatory platform for finding jobs, getting projects, building trust, and creating connections, amongst other things. It is easy to use, helping businesses to find quality workers and helping freelancers to find businesses that know what they want, and pay well for a job well done.

6) EOSwitness

Next up, we have EOSwitness — an EOS blockchain-based career management tool, which helps people gain control of information about their career over a lifetime. The information is validated by the witness of businesses trusted colleagues and valued clients.

by using a dApp like this, job-seekers can display their skills and experience and get an edge in a highly-competitive business world. Meanwhile, businesses can browse different candidates when they have an open spot to fill, and see which of them is the best fit.

7) OmniSparx

Last, but not least — we have OmniSparx. This is a platform that allows community managers and other participants to build the value of their communities. The project does this by supporting the growth and health of a decentralized ecosystem and resolves challenges inherent to collaboration in such ecosystems.

Simply put, there are plenty of organizations out there whose survival depends on their communities. These include community-based businesses, such as decentralized organizations, open-source projects, brands with loyalty programs, entertainers, and many others. YouTubers would be a good example of the type of professionals who would benefit from this platform..

Many such businesses depend on the health and size of their community, as well as their support. With OmniSparx, businesses can spread the world on how people can support them, organize the community to work together, and even reward supporters, among other things. It is a dApp that can truly make a difference if you work in this space.


The dApp sector of the crypto/blockchain industry has yet to reach its peak, but even now, it is more than capable of delivering excellent service. With decentralized apps at your side, your business can grow, expand, and be among the first to enter into this new decentralized era.

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