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Travala Review: Book Affordable Hotels and Flights with Crypto

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Travala Review

Travel enthusiasts always have choices and places they would like to visit. Be it in African safaris or the Caribbean islands, to the blue coastal waters of Asia, getting the right strategic partner is always a tricky place. Even inbound travels can be too much on your plate if there is no proper planning. The hustle of not knowing where to start is very common as you travel most of the time to a new destination that you know little about.

Booking is always at the top of the list when traveling. Which is the place you would love to explore? How will you travel to your destination? Where will you stay after arrival?

What Is Travala?

Travala is an online booking agency for flights, stays, and hotels. They source hotels and stays from luxurious resorts to hostels for you and your travel needs. Travala portrays itself as an entity giving frictionless travel that integrates cryptocurrency technology and incentives in token form. They have strategic partnerships with dozens of stakeholders to ensure that your travel experience is world-class and depending on your budget, affordable.

Founded in 2017, Travala was the brainchild of similarly interested persons who had a background the fintech, travel, and blockchain worlds. When Juan Otero, Steve Hipwell, and Matt Luczynski came together, the idea was to use their expansive knowledge and expertise to bring transparency into the business. In 2020, they merged with Travelbybit, which has Binance backing, a global cryptocurrency exchange, and trading platform.

By then, booking agencies crowded the market and dedicated the pricing of the hotels and travel destinations. They forced hotels to hike door prices to create an illusion of discounted prices in their website bookings. The idea was to revolutionize the travel industry, streamlining the offerings currently available, as well as introduce more services to ensure that travelers got a stellar experience while traveling.

This new product would mold the prices and bring in innovation and trust so people could again enjoy traveling as it should be. They would bring accessibility to travel, with tiers according to one’s might and financial ability, which were not available then. Travala secured the authenticity of travel and allowed the average person to get the security of their funds used in the platform. It even allowed one to earn through investments in the company’s products and shares.

What You Get At Travala

Travala platform has over 2.2 million properties spread in over 230 countries all around the globe in 90,124 destinations. This means you are getting a buffet selection of the destinations, and the options here are endless. The platform offers all these at varying pricing, meaning you can pick a hotel, a resort, or a hostel, depending on your needs. Their numerous locations mean that you are most likely to get a property at your desired destination.

Travala also has some member benefits that you will get once you are enrolled, and of course, booking is simple. You stand to enjoy up to 40% off mainstream prices in booking when you take your travels with Travala. They offer a price guarantee that if you book a trip with them, and you happen to get a sweeter and cheaper option for the same destination, Travala will refund you the difference!

This is further incentivized by the fact that all the bookings transacted via their native crypto called AVA enjoy certain discounts on the listed prices of properties and flights. A deeper look at the in-house cryptocurrency will be discussed below. Looking at the Travala product list, you get the following:

AVA Token

This is the cryptocurrency linked with Travala. It uses blockchain technology, storing its transactional ledger in the system controlled by the users. It operates like any other crypto, and you can use it to make purchases on the bookings listed on the travel site. Its main aim is to incentivize you to use the Travala platform to enhance engagement while using this site.

The good thing is that you can use AVA tokens to make ordinary bookings listed on the site. Additionally, you can access the numerous discounts that are associated with making bookings with AVA. You can make up to 40% in savings while using AVA to book, in comparison to the price you would pay on other booking platforms like You can also recoup the equivalent amount of AVA in fiat money during partner exchanges.

● Total supply of AVA cryptocurrency: 61,124,269

● Amount in circulation: 50,999,000

● BEP2 assets on the Binance Chain and BEP20 assets on Binance Smart Chain

All rewards and bonuses are paid to travelers using AVA, and therefore you will need to familiarize yourself with its workings to benefit. The good news is it’s not hard to learn crypto. You can access it with ease, and its purchase is readily available. You can purchase AVA on the following platforms:



Binance DEX

Wazirx: AVA/USDT

ChangeNOW -instant swapping.

You can store your tokens on by staking in your AVA wallet to get rewards and bonuses or pay for travel. Other storage options are SafePal Wallet and Trust Wallet. Basically. Storage of AVA tokens can be in wallets that typically support the Binance chain.

Travala Loyalty Program

1. Smart Program

Like any other traveling agency, packs a load of discounts on bookings made on their site. This creates a bulkier customer base and retains the current patrons. All this is in a bid to be the preferred travel companion. They stock various offers for their customers, posting this on their website and sending newsletters to their subscription base. You can have up to 10% in savings when enrolled in the program.

As a member of this program, you also stand to get 8%-12% (range depends on the financial year-this bias has been in effect alternating over the last five years) paid as Annual Percentage Yield in bonuses. An additional 3% is available if you choose AVA as the payment option on checkout.

Discounts and Loyalty

Participants in the Smart Program enjoy a 5% discount off the listed prices on destinations and bookings, with another 5% loyalty reward payable at the end of the trip. This works in holding a tiered amount in your AVA wallet, and you can redeem them to cater for future travel and booking on the site. If you are a frequent user of the site, you will enjoy it a lot, as this comes with each trip made.

Your reward and offers credited in your wallet are redeemable on destinations that are on the Smart Program. You can find this on the site after enrolling, and they have a Smart icon that lets you know that a place is redeemable. It is important to note that you can only enjoy these offers when you activate the Smart Program for your account.

Activating the Smart Program:

You can activate this program by visiting the Smart Program page on your dashboard and where discounts will be applied directly on the site. Five levels are associated with this program.

Each level gives you as a member different advantages and corresponding discounts and loyalties. The higher you go up the Smart levels, the better the incentives become, and your overall savings are more than that of a starter. You can get up to 13% in discounts and rewards based on your Smart level, payment medium, and the product you want to book.

2. Travel Credits

Travala offers flexibility to its users by allowing them to purchase credits usable to book trips later on in the site. This is especially important when you have not decided the destination you would like to visit, but you are afraid that you may use the money for other needs apart from the budgeted cause. By purchasing credits on Travala, you are sure that your money is in safe allocation to travel since the cash is not withdrawable, transferable, or redeemable.

You can purchase Travel Credits under “My Profile” on the “My Credits” tab. Click on the “Buy Travel Credits”, and then you can select the amount you would like to buy credits worth. Lastly, enter the payment method-cryptocurrency, wallet, or credit card and confirm the purchase.

Travel credits can pay for your bookings in full on any of the destinations listed on the Travala site. If you do not have sufficient travel credits to clear your booking, you can partially pay with the amount you have worth in travel credits and then pay the balance using other payment methods acceptable, like crypto or bank cards. There is no maximum buy for the travel credits, and you can buy 50-25,000 per transaction. These credits are non-expiry and with a lifetime value.

3. Travel Gift Cards

Travala offers an option for you to gift your loved one with a gift in the form of a travel electronic gift card. This is very convenient as you can award family members, your spouse, your colleagues, or workers with travel opportunities to a destination of their choice by just paying beforehand. Purchase is very simplified, as you need only pay for the card, and the Travala team will ensure the rest goes smoothly. They have no expiration dates, so the recipient is not forced to travel untimely, fearing the expiration of the card.

Buying Travel Gift Cards from Travala:

● Register or log in to your account and click on the buy gift card option.

● Choose the gift card value that you would like to give.

● Choose the payment method that you are going to use to settle the gift card value.

● Select the “Send as Gift” option and enter the recipient’s contact details.

● Confirm by clicking “Purchase Gift Card.”

You will receive an email confirming the purchase of the gift card. Your recipient will also receive an email notifying them of the gift and instructions to redeem it. No fees apply when you are purchasing or redeeming the gift card. The gift card is non-refundable and unredeemable for cash.

Redeeming the Travala Travel Gift Card:

The entire amount of the gift card credits to your travel credit wallet balance, and you can use it anytime you want. To redeem a gift card that you have received, follow the following steps:

● Register or login to your Travala Account

● Go to “My Travel Credits” wallet

● Click on “Redeem Gift Card”

● Apply the gift card code and click “Redeem”

4. Invite Rewards

For every new member you sign up on, you get a $25 value in AVA tokens credited to your AVA wallet. Your signee also enjoys a similar AVA value in their account. A new member must complete a booking of at least $200 on before you can qualify for the reward.

If you travel with Travala, you stand a chance to get review rewards when you comment on your experience at a particular destination. Your rewards credit is transferred to your AVA wallet. You can make comments on the site below the destination listing or the listed provider.

Should You Use Travala?

Travala is a revolutionary travel booking experience that uses an array of payment options to give you a chance to experience over 2.2 million destinations worldwide. It is a great addition, especially to crypto enthusiasts, as Travala accepts many cryptocurrencies as payment methods for their services. They also pack offers and discounts to their listings, giving a guarantee on price. They commit to settling the balance if you can find a cheaper deal than theirs on other websites.


● Easy booking experience

● Sizeable discounts when using the membership option and AVA for purchases

● Variety of payment methods-crypto, travel credits, or bank cards

● Mobile app for a more engaging customer experience


● Not appealing for non-crypto users

● To enjoy significant discounts, you have to buy the AVA tokens

● The travel credits are non-refundable

dWeb Guide offers an invitation reward for joining Travala if you register with our link. Click HERE to go to the site with our link and you will receive US$25 to go towards your first booking.

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