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What is DaoMaker and how can it help find equity and tokens to invest in?

DAO Maker is a complete, democratic solution in the world of cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, and blockchain marketing.

Known for Social Mining and Community Incubation systems, this platform has been changing the way retail institutions and small-scale investors can participate in global venture capital.

It’s been growing rapidly ever since its launch in 2018, and word on the (cryptocurrency) street is that it’s a platform to watch out for. Here’s why:

What is DAO Maker?

DAO Maker is a platform that uses a mix of growth technologies, funding frameworks, and social mining to help retail investors and individuals get involved in global venture capital safely and easily.

It provides small-scale investors with low-risk participation frameworks that allow them to invest in equity and tokens.

Initially conceptualized in 2017, DAO Maker started out to reduce the risk for both investors and start-ups when funding through their platform and make global venture capital more accessible.

The response they received was overwhelmingly positive. Since then, DAO Maker has played a crucial role in launching numerous multi-million dollar projects. Stats show that their market cap of incubated projects stands at an impressive $1,100 million.

How Does DAO Maker Help Retail Investors Find Equity & Tokens

In the simplest terms, the DAO Maker platform works as an incubator for start-ups – in the cryptocurrency realm and beyond. They use a system termed social mining to encourage community participation to grow and develop the projects on their platform, thus creating a strong community of token holders.

There are currently over 45,000 active users who, together, managed to net a company profit of around $1.7 million.

As more and more start-ups enter the crypto sphere, DAO Maker’s incredible accessibility alone stands to make them the most preferred platform on the market.

And then there’s the matter of the DAO Maker token. Issued on February 9, 2021, this token has already been adopted on exchanges like Kucoin and Gate.

The DAO Maker Token

The DAO Maker Token – or just DAO – is a utility token used for rewards, governance, premium access, and more. Analysts consider it to be one of the most sophisticated tokens on the current market, with it being like a one-stop access coin for multiple products. It also offers incredible benefits for the DAO Maker community and the DAO Maker ecosystem.

For instance, DAO token holders can play a role in governing the DAO Maker network by staking their tokens. This is actually one of the main utilities of DAO, and doing so will yield rewards for token holders from the platform fees.

Why DAO Maker is a Godsend

DAO Maker saw a major gap in the investment market and decided to bridge it.

Most small-scale investors are normally unable to fund large-scale investments in venture capital by themselves. DAO Maker’s participation frameworks allow them to take part with significantly lower risk.

In and of itself, venture capital is a daunting concept that only big players and big spenders could dabble in. By connecting start-ups with funding, DAO Maker eliminates a lot of downtime while simultaneously acting as a failsafe for both parties. The start-ups get their funding, the investors get their bonds.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons DAO Maker is poised to become a giant in the cryptocurrency market is its social and public backing. Unlike most projects that have entered the market, DAO Maker relies on its community. Through its Social Mining product, people from all sorts of careers, backgrounds, and professions have joined the platform, effectively contributing to its power.

DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) may well be following non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as the next blockchain tech-based acronym to enter the public conversation.

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