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99.99% Uptime

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dWeb Guide provides a Validator Node for Chain (CRO)

Check out all the chain validators here.


Support dWeb Guide and our Mission by delegating your CRO to our Validator Node "dWeb Guide."

Commission Rate today 


Commission in 3 months



Get notified of changing commissions by providing your email address here. We will also place notifications in our social media.


We will give you 3 months' notice for commission increases

Our increases will never be more than +1%

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Our node cluster is managed by reputable industry leader Allnodes

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You will be supporting dWeb Guide to develop the Decentralized Web


Simple to start and easy to stake and unstake.

We will only ever have 1 node. This promotes decentralisation.


Why choose our node to stake your CRO?

Learn about Nodes and Staking

We will soon have a full set of instructions for you here. You will need to go through the decentralised wallet (not the app). In the meantime, if you are already experienced with staking, our node information is here.