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Ledger Hardware Wallet

dWeb Guide has teamed up with Ledger to offer you their state-of-the-art crypto security device.

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A hardware wallet is for storing private keys needed to access cryptocurrencies. It acts like a physical safe or storage vault, and ensures isolation between your secret keys and the internet. They are a convenient and affordable way to keep your crypto and private keys safe while you are online.

Ledger offers 2 versions of its high quality hardware wallet, considered the best hardware wallets in the world, and helps you manage and grow your crypto with its Ledger Live app. 

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The Ledger Nano X is a mobile friendly Bluetooth-enabled cryptocurrency hardware wallet. 


The device features a large OLED display to help secure, buy, exchange and grow your crypto portfolio. 


This helps you to check transactions carefully before confirming them. With its companion app Ledger Live, Nano X is the perfect solution to manage cryptocurrency anywhere anytime.

This device is best suited to those using Ledger Nano X on a regular basis.  

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The Ledger Nano S Plus[+] is perfect for beginners; it is powerful yet simple to use and you can still secure and manage all your crypto in up to 100 apps at the same time. 


Like the Nano X, you can secure, buy, exchange and grow your crypto portfolio and NFT’s all in one place. However this device cannot connect to your mobile via bluetooth, although is it much cheaper than the Nano X.


The larger embedded secure display screen helps users check transactions with ease before confirming them.