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Stake your CRO with dWeb Guide and start earning interest - Mobile

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Our How To Guide for MOBILE

Choosing a validator for CRO

dWeb Guide now provides a VALIDATOR NODE for chain (CRO).

You can earn passive income from your crypto and support dWeb Guide at the same time by delegating your CRO to our Validator Node.


Which validator to choose for CRO


For Desktop version click Here.

1. Get an account with

You don't need this for staking, but it is a really great app for buying and holding crypto, and you can get a nifty crypto debit card that can be used anywhere. You can use our referral link to get rewards when you start using either the app or the exchange. CRO: SM3DSQ52A5.

There is more about the platform at the bottom of this guide.

2. Get the DeFi Wallet App (iOS & Android)

Make sure you download the " DeFi Wallet," which is different to the " app." To learn all about the app Click Here.

You can link both accounts which makes it easier to transfer funds between the two. However you don't have to have a account in order to use the DeFi Wallet; you can transfer funds from any platform that support CRO.

Choose a validator for CRO

3. Get Funded

Add funds to your CRO DeFi Wallet. You can do this from your app or from any other platform that offers CRO.

In your app, just choose DeFi Wallet then type in the amount you want to transfer.

There are no fees for this transaction.

To transfer from another platform, you will need your wallet address. To get this, click on Coin tab on the main page of your CRO DeFI Wallet then click the blue "Receive" button.

This will give you your wallet address which you can copy, along with a QR code.

Choosing a validator for CRO

4. Start the staking process

In the CRO DeFI Wallet app, click on EARN - the bottom right icon, then "Start Earning"

On the next screen, click on CRO and add the amount you wish to delegate.

Choose a validator for CRO

5. Choose dWeb Guide as validator

In the choose validator window, type in dWeb Guide, click on the option that comes up and then CONFIRM VALIDATOR. The next screen will show you full details including the current commission rate and the network fee (this is applied to all validators and goes to run the network).

Click on CONFIRM STAKE and you're done! In future, the EARN screen will show you your earnings to date.

You can leave your funds in there as long as you want (HODL!!) or you can remove your earnings to claim back or re-stake by clicking on CLAIM REWARDS.

Note that your funds stay in your own wallet and are only delegated with us. You can remove those crypto at any time and send to a different wallet as normal. This will automatically remove the delegation and you will no longer earn rewards.

6. Be careful of scams

In the crypto world there are plenty of scammers. There is nothing to stop a scammer using a name similar to ours and offering staking with a much higher commission. If more than one DWEB GUIDE comes up in the list of validators, please:

  1. Let us know through our social media or the contact page on our website

  2. Check the validator Operator Address. Ours will be:


Don't forget to check our website for updates on commission increases, and you can subscribe to get email updates.

Thank you for helping us to support the dWeb.

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